Monday, June 2, 2008

The O'reilly Factor

The O'reilly Factor I believe is one of the best cable news shows that don't favor one side of politics. If you are a republican or Democrat this is the show for you. I don't think you should watch one of the other news sources because they usually favor one side over the other. To get a fair and balanced news source watch the O'reilly factor.

Scott McClellen

Author Of "What Happened"

Positive Points:
Expresses The freedom of speech

Negative Points:
He uses the Bush haters to promote his book
He has many negative comments about the leader of the country he lives in

Scott McClellen should of never released his book until after Bush is out of office. Because he didn't the left-winged news channels are disgracing the Bush Administration.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bush Administration

Positive Points:
Brought America together after the twin towers.
Has lowered taxes.

Negative Points:
Hasn't been as strong of a president with a democratic congress.
Has made a few wrong decisions with how he handled of the war.

The War

If you do or not support the war please leave a comment why you think that.

I support the war, because I support our troops and I want to support the reason why they are dieing for us over there.
I also support the war because I'm not selfish, I want another country to have a chance that America did with having a republic.
Also I support the war because we are there and if we pull out now that country will never have a chance.
The fact is that we are there and we can't get out, support our troops and their cause and finish what we started. We Americans don't quit.

Barrack Obama

Positive Points:
A good strong speaker.
A very liberal canidate for democrats

Negative Points:
No experience.
Follows and knows people who disrespect the very country he wants to run.

Hilary Clinton

Positive Points:
Knows what goes on in the White House.
Knows all the duties of a president.

Negative Points:
Not a good speaker, compared to Obama.
Doesn't have that much experience.

John McCain

Positive Points:
McCain supports the war and believes that our country should stand together in time of war.
Has some bacground with working together with other parties.

Negative Points:
He is to liberal.
Old enough that we need a good vice president just in case in his later presidentail years.